How to Install F-Secure Policy Manager

Antivirus is only not made for providing security to the device but with the passage of time, Antivirus get advanced and allows the users to perform some other functions such as analyzing, maintaining and calculating the data of the computer. In the race of antiviruses, F Secure has its own value in the market. Antivirus makes it possible to use the websites without any threat or warning. Generally, customers install so many policies for the smooth performance of the device and the F Secure policy manager is one of these policies.

A team of F-Secure Support Australia is here to guide the users in installing the antivirus policies on the device without facing any issues. If in case, a customer faces any issues and want to get support from experts, they can dial the F-Secure Antivirus Support Number 1-800-764-852.

Get The Quickest Method Of Setting Up The Policy Manager Environment

Go Client Security Administrator’s Guide or Policy Manager Guide for all the instructions. The antivirus software for Windows Servers is installed on the same device, the user has to restart the device when they install or uninstall the F-Secure Policy Manager. Perform the below steps for installing the F-Secure Policy Manager:

  • Install all the antivirus components on the computer system.  (Open the necessary ports in the Firewall if the user is installing the Policy Manager Server on a system which has Windows Firewall turned on.)
  • Go to the Start menu. Run the Policy Manager Console. The user needs to log in with the password which was created for ‘Admin’ during the installation process.
  • The user will be asked to define the policy domain structure once the console opens. The user can create the domains according to their company structure or the products they want to manage.
  • Choose the domain pane. From Edit menu select New Domain.

To Add Hosts To The Policy Domain Tree:

  • A customer has to install F-Secure Client Security to hosts and then have to choose Import New Hosts from the menu. This step is taken for importing the hosts into the domain.
  • Now the user has to choose Auto-discover Windows Hosts from the menu for browsing the domains of Window and for easily install the security.
  • As a final step user has to choose the “New Host” from the menu.
  • Now the customer has to choose Distribute from the File to generate required files and to register the hosts with Policy Manager. For further details, you can get the help on calling F-Secure Antivirus Support Number.

Safeguard Your System With Comprehensive F-Secure Antivirus Customer Support

With these above-mentioned steps, a user can easily install the software components on the device for the better performance of the device. If the customer faces any issues in understanding the above steps and they want any technical support from the technicians, they have to call on the F Secure Support Phone Number 1-800-764-852 and get an instant solution from the team of experts.